true fans.

Stop trying to build your audience in the dark — your music deserves more true fans.

“We broke 10,000 pandora streams in less than a month.
If you want to change the world with your music, use ListenPages.”
Josh Thompson
House of Curses

How many fans you got? 🤔

The best you can do is formulate a guess. 

For real. You’d look to your likes on social media. You’d think of the tickets you sell at live shows. You’d come up with a number that reflects your merchandise sales. 

All guesses. 

Yet knowing the commitment level of your audience is absolutely essential.

How can you expect to grow your fanbase if you can't see it?

(…that’s where we come in!)

🔌 Connect

People won't become true fans because of your music alone; they require a real, authentic connection. We'll show you how.

🌴 Grow

After a long meeting we agreed that 'It's like fertiliser for fanbases' is the best way to describe how we help artists grow. We need sleep.

💰 Sell

You can't make money unless you tailor perfect offers that suit the individual levels of your listener's commitment. Yup, we do that, too.

A light in the dark.

Before ListenPages, the commitment level of an audience was thought to be impossible to find — but not anymore.

And with this sacred information comes the potential to grow more, connect more and sell more than ever. 💪

It's almost too easy.

Create a ‘listen page’ to showcase your latest content and share it with your followers. We take care of the rest.

Our super-smart algorithm will discover the commitment level of your audience and show you how to find true fans and monetise your art.  🥳

We got your back.

Our goal is to help your music change lives, which is why we work alongside you to make sure you get the most out of ListenPages. 

So, if you’re ready to rise above the noise and find the true fans your music deserves, join the ListenPages family today. 🙌

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