Grow audience.

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You don't need

A raving crowd of true fans that will buy anything — that is your desired endgame. 

To get there, you will need to create perfectly resonating content that transitions brand new listeners into committed, true fans. 

To do that, you will need to know precisely what your audience wants.

Before you’d have to invent a way to read minds. Now you just use ListenPages. 😎 

Here's how it works.

ListenPages makes global domination simple. Here’s how 👇

Showcase your content

Create a Listen Page and share it with your followers. Our clever algorithm will provide you with a live view of your audience.

See your audience

Is your fanbase screaming to buy or is it an audience that first will require more nurturing? We can't wait to show you.

Perfect your content

Our data will show you how to create the resonating content that will transition your brand new listeners into raving fans.

Your light in the dark.

You can’t expect to grow your audience if you can’t see it. Let us turn the light on and show you how you can connect more, grow more and sell more than ever before.

Take over the world.​

We show you where your most committed listeners are hiding. You can then book your live performances and know that they will be great before you sell a single ticket.

Focus the attention.

The online world is noisy, so we designed your Listen Pages to keep your audience’s focus directly on your content. Keeping it distraction-free is imperative for growth. 

It's worldwide growth, without leaving 🌏