Let's grow your audience.

Meet ListenPages, your mission control for global music domination. 🚀

Your music deserves fans.

Meet ListenPages, your mission control for global music domination. 🚀

So many true fans.

Raving true fans that buy anything — you want that, right?

All you will need is to understand your audience,

And have an organised team. 

With ListenPages, it’s easy.

ListenPages is simple.

Advanced insights are just a few clicks away.

You premeiere content. 

Showcase content on a Listen Page. We’ll measure various points of data to calculate the overall connection level of your fanbase. 

We reveal your audience.

Is your fanbase ready to buy or does it require careful nurturing first? If you don’t know, you can’t expect to grow or monetise your art.

You take over the world.

We’ll tell you exactly what to provide to your audience, so you can dominate online and transition new listeners into raving true fans.

And there’s more.

We weren’t kidding about the whole ‘mission control’ thing.

Group chat, clarified.

Goodbye Zuckerbook and sketchy DM group chats. It’s time to use the communications platform that was built for music artists. 

Meet your ListenHub.

It’s like a digital business card that can measure people’s connection level. Yep, even your directory measures data. 

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