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ListenPages is brand new tech — but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated.

Here are some of the questions we’ve received recently;

Consider ListenPages your mission control for global music domination.

Instead of throwing your content out into the world and not learning anything about your audience, use a Listen Page.

We will give you insights into your audience like never before — insights that allow you to connect, grow and sell more.

No, not at all. ListenPages is not designed to compete with those giants — they are great at what they do.

ListenPages is designed to be a content showcasing platform that allows you to capture the data you can’t find anywhere else (including those platforms).

Absolutely not. Tracking clicks is probably close to 2% of what ListenPages does.

Say you get 300 clicks on your new music video.​ A click tracker (like bit.ly) will tell you that you got 300 clicks. They’ll probably tell you from which countries, too. But that tells you nothing, really.

How committed to you were those that watched it? How many were actual fans of yours? How many clicked by mistake? How many committed fans do you really have? What network do you have the strongest fanbase on? And in what country or town are they the strongest? What network do you need to put more work into? And most importantly, how could you convert the half-interested listeners into lifelong, dedicated true fans?

This is just a glimpse into what ListenPages is capable of.

When you use a Listen Page to showcase your content, you are able to capture the three-dimensional, one-of-a-kind data that can be used to observe and grow your fanbase. So, obviously, using ListenPages to showcase your content should be of your highest priority.

This is why we recommend using ListenPages as a ‘premiering’ platform — the first place you release new content.

Premiere your new content on ListenPages. Once you feel as though you’ve driven all the traffic you can, you can then upload it to somewhere external, like Spotify or SoundCloud.

However, keep in mind that when you do you will lose the opportunity to capture the precious data that you require to grow.

No other service is capable of giving you the audience insights that we do.

Yes, you may receive analytics data from YouTube that tells you things like how long someone watched your video. 

But that is surface level data at best — were the people that watched that video just a little curious? Were they brand new? Were they committed fans that would consider buying from you? Were they your raving true fans watching the video for the tenth time?

And Spotify will tell you things like which countries your listeners are from. But again, that’s surface level data.

You may learn that you have a lot of listeners in Europe. Yet, are these cold listeners who are just learning about you? Or committed fans that want you to tour there?

Our data is not surface level. We take the basic analytics that other services provide and transform it into three dimensional space, allowing you to see the depth of your audience and their commitment levels. 

Knowing this, you are able to create content that actually resonates with your listener and effectively moves them toward becoming a true fan of you as an artist.

No, we believe that any creative that continually creates content will benefit from using ListenPages.

We plan on implementing features that will be of more help to those outside of the music industry.

For now, we’re focusing on creating the best platform we can for music artists.

But that doesn’t mean a vlogger, YouTuber, comedian, podcaster or similar won’t see the same results from using the service!

Both. Let us explain.

You’ll save months worth of time by using ListenPages. Without it, you’ll need to test all of your content manually, learn how to install and interpret complex analytics, and a whole lot of other stuff, too. Instead of it taking you about 3 months (that’s the average we found) from content to data, we provide it instantly.

ListenPages will save you money, too. Too many music artists are wasting money on paid advertisements and boosting their posts, instead of learning how to monetise the organic audience they have. That, and you’ll also save the potentially thousands of dollars you would spend on creating new merchandise or organising a live tour only to have no sales come in — ListenPages will allow you to only make financial investments when you know you have an audience who is ready to buy.

When you point someone to your latest video on YouTube and they click off to watch something else, was it because your video wasn’t interesting or was it because they were distracted by one of the many links and thumbnails they saw while they were watching?

The answer to this question matters.

This is why we measure this amongst many other points of behavioural data as your listeners interact with your content to measure their commitment level to your content.

Other platforms don’t care if your listener watches your content — their goal is to get them watching more so they are able to make additional ad revenue. 

We, on the other hand, want your listener to stay focused on your content to build an unbreakable connection with you as an artist.

This is why we make our content pages distraction-free.

We are here to help you with any question you may have.

On the bottom right hand side of your screen you will see a green speech bubble. Click it — it will open a messenger conversation that goes directly to our inbox. Write your question in there and we will get back to you in no time at all. 

(Keep in mind that we operate on AEST GMT+10 time zone. At latest it will be 24 hours before we respond.)

Absolutely! We offer a free 14 day trial for our Headliner plan so you can come and see what ListenPages can do for your music career. 

You do not need a credit card to sign up for the trial, either (because, come on… who wants to do that?).

We also have a free plan that will always be free, too. Check out the Opener plan for more information.

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