Your Pages section is where you can dive into the details of each specific Listen Page you create.

This allows you to see how each piece of content is performing and how well it has been received by your audience.

What is the green URL under the title?

This is the direct link to your Listen Page. 

We put it here in case you lost it, or would like to reference it to share it again.

What is the coloured circle and word underneath?

Underneath your page URL, you will see a circle with a word accompanying it.

The circle shows the colour of your listen page, and the word represents the page type. 

This allows you to quickly reference any split testing you may be running, or to remember the specifics of the page you created.

What is the map?

The map works the exact same as your Global Domination map on your Path page. This map, however, only shows the audience that interacted with that specific page.

Just like your Global Domination map, it also allows you to toggle your audience segments on and off to notice any patterns or trends in specific traffic.

What are the ‘Choose region’ and date boxes?

These selectors allow you to filter the data by specific region and date range, to dive into your data even further.

What is the ‘Traffic’ column?

This shows the social network that the rest of the data in the row corresponds to.

Our Listen Pages are smart — they know where the traffic is coming from, so you won’t need to do anything to get this working.

What is the ‘Source’ column?

This shows the breakdown of views across each network.

Each number represents the total amount of views that network got.

What is the ‘Consumption’ column?

This shows the average amount of your content that each network engaged with.

This allows you to see where you are getting better retention rates, and create your content with that in mind.

What is the ‘Interest’ column?

This column shows the overall interest in that specific type of content.

This allows you to see at a glance how interested each network was in that specific thing you created.

Does the ‘Delete Listen Page’ button do what I think it does?

Yes. It deletes your Listen Page.

It also deletes the content that was uploaded to that page and the data it has collected — so make sure you are really sure you want to delete it before you do. You never know, you might need to reference it again in the future!

If you don’t want to have to delete your pages, you can always order add-ons for your account to increase your total storage, page limit and monthly view counts.

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