Your Path is your command centre. 

It’s your one-stop dashboard that will provide all of the information you need about your fanbase at a glance.

Let’s talk a little about the data it shows you.


These are the total number of ‘views’ your Listen Pages have gotten over the last period of time. By default, this is set to the last 30 days. We’ll talk about how to change this soon.

Active Listeners

These are the total numbers of unique listeners that have engaged with your Listen Pages. 

If your active listeners are much lower than your impressions, it might mean that you have a loyal fanbase that is engaging with your content multiple times. If your active listeners are around the same number as your impressions, it might mean you have a large fanbase that might only be engaging with your content once. Knowing this will help you craft your content strategy.

Max Events

Max events is a data point unique to ListenPages, one that should be strived for and celebrated.

A max event occurs whenever a listener ‘completes’ the content on a Listen Page.

This might be listening to your song the whole way through, or watching your entire music video. Or it could occur after someone purchases something!

The more max events you have, the more committed your fanbase is. An increase in max events is a measurable growth in fanbase loyalty — it means you’re doing something right!

What are the percentages?

The percentages you see underneath your numerical data show the increase or decrease compared to the last period of time. By default this is set to the last 30 days.

This allows you to see at a glance if your content is helping your fanbase grow, and how fast it is!

What is the big green line?

This is your Listen Path. 

This graph is more important than anything else you see on your Path — it allows you to see the ‘shape’ of your audience!

It shows the amount of listeners that are completely cold and just discovering you on the far left, to the dedicated, true fans they become on the far right.

This graph allows you to perfectly tailor your content. For example, if you notice a bump in your fanbase around the Converted stage of your Listen Path (as pictured above), you should focus on creating content that will move these listeners into the next stage of your Listen Path. It also shows you that you could start tailoring offers to this fanbase, as their commitment level suggests that they are ready to buy! 

You can find more information on how to read this graph in our handy audience guides.

What’s the little green arrow?

If you click the little chevron down the bottom of the page, it will allow you to change the way the data is displayed on your path. This is where things get really exciting!

You are able to observe three specific factors of your data.

1. Where your audience is digitally (Maybe you want to see specifically how committed your Facebook audience is? Or Instagram? This allows you to tailor your content for each individual network. Perhaps your Facebook audience is ready to buy, but your Instagram audience needs more work?)

2. The general location of your listeners (Are your listeners in Asia more committed than those in North America? Maybe you might consider touring there in the future then?)

3. The time period of the data (This allows you to see your audience growth in the last day, week, month year or all time)

The combinations of this data is what makes things super exciting. Maybe you want to see what your Twitter audience is looking like in Europe over the last month? How about your Instagram following in North America? Your Australian fans on Facebook might be screaming for new content, but you won’t know until you do a little digging!

What is Global Domination?

If you click on your Path you will access the Global Domination page.

This shows you where your audience is located around the world, and the audience segment they belong in.

This will allow you to make calculated touring decisions. You’ll know exactly where your most committed listeners are!

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