The 4D Songwriter: How to Dominate the New Music Industry (Audiobook)




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‘I feel like I have the secret to success here, and I feel kind of guilty for those that haven’t read this yet.” – Joshua, AL

Jayson John Evans, the marketing-obsessed music-centric mentor, is here to help your music change the world.

The music industry was once quite predictable. It operated much like a safe—the correct combination almost always allowed it to unlock, swinging open to reveal the treasures of an artist’s wildest dreams hidden inside. But today, things are different. The advancement of modern technology has revolutionised the way that people consume their music. This has caused the combination of the safe to change, locking the success that most music artists are looking to find behind 
an impenetrable vault wall.
Many are trying to force the old combination upon the new industry. Needless to say, they will fail. But, you are different. You are here to find the combination.

In The 4D Songwriter: How to Dominate the New Music Industry, you’ll learn;

* How to Grow More, Connect More and Sell More Than Ever Before
* How to Stand Out in this Noisy Digital Age
* Advanced Music Marketing Strategies
* How to Find True Fans for Your Music
* How to Create Resonating Content that Moves People
* How to Fill Your Audience with Highly-Compatible Listeners
* How to Use Your Music as a Magnet that Attracts Big Opportunities
* How Your Music Can Become Your Legacy
* How to Dominate Social Media like the Professionals Do
* Jayson’s Secret Behind Getting 10,000 Downloads in One Week
* The Branding Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Music Artists
* An Abstract Approach That Will Make Your Music a Fan Obsession
* How to Make Listeners Insist On Telling Their Friends About You
* How to Use Virality to Your Advantage
* The Secret Behind Raising Your Play Counts
* How to Understand the Commitment Level of your Audience
* How to Sell More Products than you Ever Have Before
* How to Change the World with Your Music
* How to Make a Real Difference in the Lives of your Listeners
* How to Effectively Reach Even Your Biggest Music Goals
* How to Create a Fanbase that is Obsessed With Your Music
…and much, much more.

Hundreds of music artists have implemented Jayson’s strategies and have seen incredible growth as a result. Are you next?
A new industry calls for a new approach. The 4D Songwriter: How to Dominate the New Music Industry is here to give you all of the secrets you need to grow more, connect more and sell more than you ever have before.

No one understands the music industry quite like Jayson John Evans. His strategies and methods for growth sit levels ahead of his competition, making the secrets of the world’s most successful music artists accessible to all. He knows first-hand of the incredible, life-saving power that music has and he uses this knowledge as fuel to motivate others to use their music to change lives around the world.

‘My eyes started welling up with tears, because I was like ‘Oh my goodness, I feel like you’re talking to me, my current situation and the struggles I face as a musician in this new industry’. It’s so powerful.’ Sarah Tilghman, LA

‘You’ve already blessed many people and I am sure you are going to bless a whole lot more.’ Charisse Arrington (MCA Records)

‘I like that you give a road map for artists like me. I appreciate your heart and motivation to do all this. You are such a blessing!’ Lola Bliss, TX

‘I am so jacked up I want to run through walls! You nailed it. These ideas are so complex but you explain them in a way that is really simple and easy to apply. You have turned a Goliath into an easily conquered obstacle. God bless you for writing this book.’ Josh, House of Curses