Our Roadmap

See our timeline, from birth to today. 😮

  • 🤔
    Who knows what exciting feature we've got coming next to ListenPages. You've gotta stay tuned to find out!
  • January '20: Global Domination
    We also added a world map for your Path and pages -- now you can see where in the world your most committed listeners are hiding! This is untapped potential for music artists.
  • January '20: Project ListenHub
    Happy conception birthday to ListenPages! We're celebrating by introducing the ListenHub, the perfect 'welcome room' for your traffic. It's absolutely insane. And it's our gift to you.
  • December '19: Text, Offer pages
    We'd like to introduce you to two new listen pages that you can use to grow your audience; Text and Offer. They'll cover anything from blog posts to a big sales.
  • November '19: It's so pretty!
    Hard at work behind the scenes to bring major aesthetic changes to the backend and frontend. The pages look prettier than ever now. Your listeners won't want to look away.
  • October '19: Faster, Better, Stronger
    We realised pretty quickly that we needed to move ListenPages to stronger, safer and more reliable servers to provide the best service possible. So we did exactly that.
  • August '19: Closed Beta
    In August '19, ListenPages launched its closed beta program and allowed a select group of music artists to test the service and grow more, connect more and sell more than ever before.
  • July '19: #1 Best Seller!
    The 4D Songwriter: How to Dominate the New Music Industry hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon in Music Business and Performing Arts and was featured in newspapers around the world.
  • July '19: The 4D Songwriter, Security
    Jayson, the Founder of ListenPages launched his book, The 4D Songwriter: How to Dominate the New Music Industry. Oh yeah, and ListenPages also got even safer.
  • June '19: Pages, Paths & Data
    The algorithm was refined to make the data ListenPages provides even more accurate. Colour customisation was added to allow artists to sync their Listen Pages with their branding.
  • April '19: Prototype
    The first 'version' of ListenPages is built. The functionality was basic, but it supported embedded video and audio content. It wasn't pretty, but hey, it worked.
  • March '19: Wireframe
    The very first wireframe of ListenPages is built. It was just like when Tony Stark made the first Iron Man suit in that cave, it was clunky and exploded.
  • January '19: Conception
    The first official concept is sketched and detailed in Google Docs. The mission was to find a way to help music artists understand their audiences like never before.